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Because you deserve it!

For supporting our small business, We want to say THANK YOU!

  • New Guest = 500 pts/$5

  • Plus a Welcome Gift of 20% off Home Care during your first visit or 10% off at a later time, 2nd Visit get a free gift of your choice from our Service Enhancements Menu, and at your 3rd visit you receive 20% off a service you haven’t tried yet.

  • Reserve your next appointment during your first visit = 500 pts/$5

  • Reserve your next appointment during any other visit = 200 pts/$2

  • Refer a Friend = 1000 pts/$10

  • Purchase $50 in Home Care in a Single Transaction = 200 pts/$2

  • Purchase $500+ in Services in a Single Transaction = 1000 pts/$10

  • Try a service for the first time = 300pts/$3


  • Book an appointment online = 100 pts/$1

  • Purchase any gift card type and get = 500 pts/$5

  • Leave a review on Google or Facebook = 300 pts/$3 each*

  • Birthday Month Gift **30% off Home Care OR $15 off a Service*

100 = $1

*These points will need to be added to the guest’s points manager*

** Must have birthday entered into Meevo

Any Vibrant Loyalty points that have not been redeemed will expire after 4 months of inactivity (No appointments booked or Transactions occurring)

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Salon Policies

ReDo Policy

Vibrant Styles guarantees your satisfaction. However, if you feel that any changes are to be made to your service, we ask that you notify us within 7 days. The new service may not be performed within 7 days, depending on the availability of the schedule.

Our policy is if the guest prefers not to see the original stylist, there will be additional fees.

We require that a full consultation be done prior to determining what the additional fees will be, if any. Please have a very thorough consultation with your stylist to make sure all needs are understood. 

A re-do is defined as: A service that was not applied correctly, the desired result was not per the documented consultation - this does not include session work. A re-do is not a change in style(s).

Refund Policy

Our policy is that we do not issue refunds on services received. If a guest feels that a refund is necessary, we require a full face-to-face consultation to assess the service. Vibrant Styles will not issue a refund if not given the opportunity to assess the service or the challenge and to attempt to fix the issue(s).

Our intent is to always fulfill a guest's satisfaction and to build continued relationships with each of our guests. We are happy to provide a multitude of options in this situation.



Guarantee Policy

The salon guarantees each and every service. 

If a guest expresses dissatisfaction, immediately seek Management's assistance so the guest’s concerns are properly addressed. 

A guest has the option to return to the Salon to have a service 'redone' if they are not pleased with any service performed by a member of our staff. 

Our policy is to allow the guest 2 week to have another service performed to correct any problems. Guests will be encouraged to return to the same service provider.  However, should the guest choose to have another service provider perform the service, the fee for the corrective service will be deducted from the original service provider. 

Always let your guest know they can return if they are unhappy on their first visit. 

All 'redo' services will be documented to track any trends or abuses of our policy.

Matching Home Care Pricing

We know there are a million places to buy home care products. We also want you to have the best products for your hair. If you find the same product for less somewhere else we will match the price. You must show us where you can purchase the home care cheaper before we will match the price. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things come up, and sometimes you need to reschedule your appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask that you contact us at 724-675-3122 at least 48 hours prior to the date and time of your appointment. Our stylists are working on commission, which means if you don't show up, they don't get paid. Canceling at the last minute doesn't give them enough time to fill up that spot.


Our policy will be as follows:

  • Canceling before 48 hours there will be no charge.

  • Canceling less than 48 hours before your appointment will be a 20% charge for the service(s) you are scheduled for.

  • Canceling less than 24 hours will be a 50% charge of the service(s) you are scheduled for.

  • Canceling the day of, you will be charged 75% of the service(s) for which you are scheduled.


We understand emergencies happen and will gladly work with you. However, if you become a repeat offender, we will require a 50% deposit and maintain a credit card on file prior to scheduling future appointments. 

No Show Policy

Our salon professionals earn a living by appointment. When there are guests that do not show up it can make a dramatic impact on how our team can create income for themselves. Therefore, not showing up for appointments will be handled with the utmost strictness. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to have the opportunity to fill that appointment with another waiting guest.

If a guest does not show up for their appointment one time we will be very understanding and document their fine and 80% of the service(s) scheduled will be added to their next visit and a credit card must be put on file before scheduling of the next visit. If the same guest is a no-show a second time, a payment of 50% of the cost of the scheduled service(s) will be required to reschedule the appointment. A third no-show will result in full payment of the service scheduled prior to rescheduling.

Switching Stylists:  

Occasionally, as professionals, we realize that a guest may wish to make a change in style, technique, change in personality, or budget from time to time and may wish to switch his/her/their appointments from one staff member to another. We encourage this. The guest should be made to feel comfortable to switch stylists, rather than going to another salon. From time to time an employee may be out sick, which would require us to rebook their appointment with someone else. Our stylists are aware that changes happen and we make it a priority to be understanding to everyone involved. 

Tipping Policy: 

We do not accept tips on credit cards. Tips are cash or Venmo only! We provide an ATM for your convenience.

Thank You 

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Mallory has been doing my hair for years! She always makes sure to cut is exactly what I was looking or and she is a MAGICIAN with color!

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