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Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Solutions

Everyone faces hair loss at some point in their life.

Hair loss reasons range from stress, weight loss surgery, hormones, and more. 

It's scary but you are not alone. You also do not need to just live with it. 

Here at Vibrant Styles, we can help you. Maybe we can grow your biological hair back. Maybe we thicken your hair up with extensions. Or maybe we give you a non-surgical semi-permanent solution. 

Below we will cover the basics of what we have to help you feel confident again.

However, all hair loss solutions must have an in-person consultation. Each person is different so each solution is different. 

All of our solutions are for Men, Women, Children, medical issues, stress, gender-affirming, and much much more!



Early in any hair loss we usually start with treatments. These treatments can include using a microscope on your scalp to look at the health of your hair and scalp. We have in-salon treatments to create healthy hair and scalp environments. Finally, we have at-home care treatments to strengthen and promote hair growth. 



Extensions are very versatile. You can use hair extensions to add length, volume, density, and color. You can also use them to get you through those awkward growing stages.

We offer Tape-in, I-Tip/beaded, K-Tip/Fusion, hand-tied and machine-tied Wefts, Halos, Toppers, and any combination. 

We can custom-color your extensions for an exact match or add pops of color for fun. Depending on your lifestyle and how much maintenance you want, we can give you exactly what you want. 

Extensions are good for everyone using any of our at-home care products. They really can be for everyone. Anyone suffering hair loss or just wanting a change.


NSG-Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is an option for guests that have extreme cases of hair loss. You can use them for spots or the whole top of your head. It is a great option for Men, Women, or Children who cannot grow hair but need that confidence. 

Surgery and laser treatments are not guaranteed to take and can be dangerous. 

NSG is a life-like, human hair replacement that is guaranteed to give you confidence from day 1.

Depending on your lifestyle, these systems can be attached to the head with ease.  With regular maintenance, you can have that confidence all year long. NSG is highly customizable, from the adhesive, to the size, to the color and length.  


Hair loss happens to everyone, but you don't have to live with it. However, every person's hair loss is different. That is why we require an in-person consultation. 

During your consultation, we will dive deep into your personal story. We will look at your scalp under a microscope and check the health of your hair. Then we will go over your dislikes and goals. Followed by your lifestyle. Finally, we will come up with a customized plan for you to follow. Within this plan, we will talk about your options from above, price, maintenance at home and the salon, and any of your questions. 

Book a Hair Loss Consultation with Mallory online or by calling us at 724-675-3122. 

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