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WELCOME to Vibrant Styles! We are so excited to see what hair dreams you have been imagining. 

The New Guest Experience is what all new (and current) guests can expect while receiving service(s) at Vibrant Styles.


Come on in, so glad to see you!

Enjoy a beverage, browse the latest in home care products, or play with a cat or two. One of our team members will be here to let you in on special deals and answer any questions you may have.

New Guests will recieve a Welcome Gift. There are 3 visits opportunities to enjoy.

1. 20% any home care your stylist recommends at your first visit.

2. A Complimentary service, from out Service Enhancement Menu at your second

3. 20% off a service at your 3rd visit!

Come On In We're Open


Every visit starts with an in-depth consultation. I know we just met, but now is the time to tell your stylist your hair secrets!

We want to know it ALL! What is your hair history?
What are your hair dreams and goals?

Do you dislike anything or maybe like something?

Do you have sensitivities to smells, sounds, or something else?

Bring some inspiration photos to really show us what you are thinking. Always feel safe asking questions!


We have the inspiration, the goals, and now it is time to get down to making the magic happen. 

Small changes, big changes, the same as before, or ready for something new. We have been educated and trained just for this moment. Our #1 priority is the health and integrity of your hair. Services will not happen if we think anything is amiss. This is for everyone's safety. 

Be prepared for some services to take a few hours to complete.  You can't rush these things. Bring snacks or order in, bring a book or device (we have free WiFi), and enjoy.

Dying Hair
Hair Wash


Sit back, Relax, and let your stylist treat you to a Signature Scalp Massage

Shampoo, Condition, Massage, and more. Add any Service Enhancements to your service today for a little extra pampering.

Conditioning masks, eyebrow shaping, or 10 minutes in Heaven with a 10-minute scalp massage, you can't go wrong.


Let us introduce you to the home care routine you cannot live without. Straight, curly, long, or short. Take home products that will protect the investment you made in yourself and your hair. The products we have available are quality, healthy hair achieving, shine adding, curl bouncing, and perfect for you to recreate your style any time. 

Enjoying New Fragrance
Image by Morvanic Lee


Thank you so much for spending time with us. We hope everything was amazing.

We would love to do a mini photoshoot with you! You can also utilize our ring light and backdrop. Just don't forget to tag us!

If you loved today, we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave us a review (you get loyalty points!) and tell your friends about the salon. They will get to enjoy everything you just got to enjoy and you will get loyalty points for the referral!

We can not wait to see you again! (timing will vary based on personal needs)

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